How to answer your own question

A lot of people in recovery, when they have a problem, forget that they have a programme and immediately contact someone with the raw unprocessed problem, then ask that person to process it for them. People who are super new in recovery obviously can't process problems themselves and need to be led through the analysis of the problem and the application of the programme, very systematically, and assuming no prior knowledge. Once a person has months, years, or decades in recovery, it's up to them to apply everything they have learned to problems that arise and seek input only where this proves inadequate. Here's how to do that: Have I prayed? For how long? Did I listen out for answers? Did I write them down? Did I implement them? Which Step can I apply to this? Which Tradition can I apply to this? Which Concept can I apply to this? Which passage(s) in the Big Book apply to this? Which passage(s) in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions apply to this? Which passage(s) from B

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