Thursday, 17 December 2015

What would you be?

What would you be if you lost your job?
What would you be if you lost your stuff?
What would you be if everyone left?
What would be left?

Imagine losing all of these things, and everything else, right now.

Now, as you're sitting there, ask yourself: are you still breathing? Are your senses still active? Are your faculties still intact? Are you still there? Is God still there?

Of course: nothing has changed, except you've been skinned of your identities.

This is the only freedom available, the freedom from the terrible burden of mistaking oneself for the countless fragile roles that can be stripped from one at any moment.

We're actors, not parts. No part, yet the actor is still an actor, and we can trust God that parts will continue to be forthcoming until we are called home to be dissolved forever into a soft and yielding eternity.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Just sleeping

I'm an alcoholic. But I also know alcoholics. Sometimes they drink, and you ask yourself questions like, 'do they not care about me any more?' The personality has changed, and the love, affection, attention, or other good characteristics have disappeared. One is left only with the alcoholic's lizard brain: bring me flies; give me warmth. The alcoholic appears to be himself, in one way, but the 'self' is being used by the disease. The same applies to the anger, the withdrawal, the reproach, the insinuation, the prevarication, the inconsistency, the confusion, and other characteristics that arise and flower in the shadow of the terrible, vengeful God of the ego.

The body is moving, the lips are moving, the eyes are glinting, but the alcoholic is asleep. One would not attempt to make sense of the verbal ramblings of a sleepwalker; one would not take anything he says personally. The same is true of the drinking alcoholic: what they say is emanating from sleep, albeit, but perhaps most pertinently, spiritual sleep.

You know what? The same applies to alcoholics who are sober but are on an emotional jag. The body is moving, the lips are moving, the eyes are glinting, but the sober alcoholic is asleep. What they say out of fear, masking anger, or out of anger, masking fear, is but an emanation of someone sleep-talking.

Do not try to awake him; he will appear to awaken but still be asleep; the process cannot be forced. Do not take anything he says personally. Do not wonder where the person you remember has gone. Do not wonder if the love previously expressed was a lie. The person is merely asleep. Let him sleep. Do not hover over the bed, keeping a vigil; go and find others who are also awake and hang out there. Let him sleep in peace for as long as he needs.

Friday, 4 December 2015

How does the ego work?

If I believe I can be happy only if material circumstances arrange themselves in a particular way, my ego will turn those conditions for happiness into demands.

The universe then fails to comply with the demands.

The ego cries: the universe has disobeyed me!

This is playing God.