Thursday, 17 December 2015

What would you be?

What would you be if you lost your job?
What would you be if you lost your stuff?
What would you be if everyone left?
What would be left?

Imagine losing all of these things, and everything else, right now.

Now, as you're sitting there, ask yourself: are you still breathing? Are your senses still active? Are your faculties still intact? Are you still there? Is God still there?

Of course: nothing has changed, except you've been skinned of your identities.

This is the only freedom available, the freedom from the terrible burden of mistaking oneself for the countless fragile roles that can be stripped from one at any moment.

We're actors, not parts. No part, yet the actor is still an actor, and we can trust God that parts will continue to be forthcoming until we are called home to be dissolved forever into a soft and yielding eternity.

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