Friday, 6 July 2018

Sponsor's magic eight ball

Sponsoring is hard. Pretty much anyone could get to be your sponsee, and they might come to you with any type of question. Sometimes how to respond is clear; sometimes it is not. Here is a list to choose from if you get stuck.


How would you apply the Steps to this?
How would you apply the Traditions to this?
How would you apply the Concepts to this?
How would you apply the Just for Today card to this?
How would you apply the service literature to this?
What section of the Big Book is relevant here?


Complete your daily step work and call me back.
Complete your morning Step Eleven routine and call me back.
Ask God for guidance and revert in 24 hours if you still have a question.
Write an inventory and share it with three people.
Apply the Step Three Prayer.
Apply the Step Seven Prayer.
Apply the Step Eleven Prayer.
Find [insert number] applicable principles of the programme, meditate on their application, and revert in 24 hours.
Apply pages 60 to 62 of the Big Book to the situation and revert in 24 hours.
Call [insert number] people and ask how they are.
Help [insert number] people.
Go to a meeting and be of service.
Double the amount of service you are doing.
Double the amount of time you are spending on Step Eleven.
Read spiritual literature.
Let go of your old ideas completely.
Trust God not self.
Make a gratitude list.
Apply the self-centredness solution on page 20.
Apply the resentment solution on page 67.
Apply the fear solution on page 68.
Apply the bad behaviour solution on page 69.
Apply the obsession solution on page 70.
Apply the intrusive thought solution on page 84.
Apply the selfishness solution on page 85.
Apply the agitation solution on page 87.
Apply the doubt solution on page 87.
Apply the conflict solution on pages 117 to 118.

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