Wednesday, 13 June 2018

De-religioning AA

AA isn't religious but AA does do religious things.

Let's stop ...

  • ... chanting (the last words of the Traditions, 'we think not' in the Step Nine promises) ...
  • ... hanging scrolls on the walls like they're the Ten Commandments (in any case they're misleading if you don't know the full content of the Steps and Traditions and redundant if you do)
  • ... praying prayers publicly (maybe have a moment's silence in which people are inviting to pray or contemplate silently, in accordance with their beliefs)
  • ... reading the same readings every week like it's a liturgy (especially page 58 to 60 from the Big Book, which make no sense to or even alarm newcomers, because the passage is presented out of context; if you must read something for newcomers, mix it up and pick 'entry level' passages which set out the defining features of alcoholism)
If we want to stop people thinking we're a religious organisation, we should stop behaving like one.

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