Monday, 25 June 2018


Concept IX

  • Dedication
  • Flexibility
  • Tolerance
  • Responsibility
  • Stability
  • Vision
  • Special skills

  • Surrender personal ambitions, feuds, and controversies
  • Act on behalf of those they serve
  • Are happy to be accountable to and hear feedback from those they serve and make adjustments accordingly
  • Accept disagreement, exercise tolerance, and do not attempt to force uniformity
  • Seek advice, counsel, and support
  • Lean first on others who have the answer and then on the Higher Power who stands behind them
  • Take action in such a way that others are inspired to back and support them
  • Neither meekly take orders nor bulldoze the fellowship
  • Originate plans, policies, and ideas
  • Consult widely on new and important matters before making decisions and acting
  • Make no snap decisions but allow even apparently certain decisions to rest for a period of consultation before implementation
  • Make all decisions by asking for God’s guidance
  • Are willing to discard own plans for a better one originated by another
  • Are willing to stand up against a disturbed or uninformed majority
  • Avoid unreasoned, resentment-based opposition
  • Are able to compromise to promote unity and seek gradual improvement over revolution
  • Are able to compromise with a loving attitude rather than forced resignation 
  • Avoid black-and-white thinking and solutions
  • Listen to criticism without being defensive and modify views or actions accordingly when appropriate
  • Listen to the principles behind a person’s words with an open ear and an understanding heart, praying before responding to avoid reacting
  • Listen sometimes without commenting at all, deferring a response until the response is certain
  • Separate the content from the source and do not fall out with the source 
  • Sift through destructive criticism for useful information and discard any other material without personalising the content
  • Recognise that destructive feedback is sometimes the best a person can offer at his particular stage of development
  • Can disagree without being disagreeable
  • Deploy foresight in the short and long term, exercising prudence
  • Perform mental experiments (run-throughs of scenarios) and then trial a policy or plan before implementing a major change
  • Assess the impact of policies or plans within and outside AA, considering financial aspects, internal resourcing, and internal capabilities
  • Effect change through the following sequence: idea, experimental policy, firm policy, and tradition

Concept IX

The structure of AA has been established and is stable but new leaders will continually need to be found.

The key to finding leaders lies in GSRs, as these elect officers further down the structure, including ultimately/indirectly the delegates and trustees.

When selecting leaders, the most important questions concern their qualifications and suitability.

Elections should not be taken lightly.

The third-legacy procedure (two-thirds majority or failing that the hat) is effective.

Even the General Service Board is accountable to the fellowship: there is no unqualified authority.

Concept IX in brief

  1. Surrender self-will
  2. Serve others
  3. Seek counsel
  4. Practise vision and foresight
  5. Take initiative
  6. Pray for God’s decision
  7. Listen to criticism and ideas
  8. Take nothing personally
  9. Pause before responding
  10. Disagree without being disagreeable
  11. Take a stand exceptionally
  12. Routinely compromise for unity

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