Friday, 16 March 2018


Unhappiness comes from having demands that are unmet.

Option 1: drop the demand

Say: I can be happy even if X, Y, Z does not happen; the reason I'm unhappy is not because I don't have X, Y, Z but because I falsely believe I need X, Y, Z to be happy.

If that doesn't work:

Option 2: tone down the demand to a preference

I like pork but I don't mind if the butcher's only has lamb. Preferences don't cause unhappiness; demands do.

If that doesn't work:

Option 3: work towards the attainment of the goal.

You want lots of money? Fair enough. Work for it then. You want more friends? Cultivate personal virtues and join clubs, societies, and associations. Quit whining, take action, and change the things you can.

If that doesn't work:

Option 4: suck it up

Sometimes you don't get your own way. Big deal. It's a big ol' universe, and we're tiny specks. Princess really can't expect the laws of physics and the human race to bend round her every whim. And in case you think I'm being rude to you: I'm talking to myself here! Cultivate courage, equanimity, and cheerfulness.

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