Saturday, 3 February 2018

Some Al-Anon tips

Here are some tips from my morning Al-Anon reading, about relationships with people one is close to, although many are applicable more widely, too:
  • Do some things together. Express love verbally. Do some things separately.
  • Do not manipulate or instruct others to behave in a certain way just to play out your values, fulfil your unfulfilled desires, or allay your own fears by proxy.
  • Respect others as beautiful souls in their own right, not delivery systems for your own unmet needs.
  • Do not dictate who in your life will fulfil which need: trust God to give to you what you need through the people He chooses.
  • Accept and appreciate others: do not try to adjust them to your template for how they should be.
  • Others owe you nothing.
  • Others are not responsible for the quality of your life.
  • If I am disappointed with others, this is one hundred per cent the result of my perceptions and attitudes.

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