Monday, 19 February 2018

It's not working!

If you're sober (or clean, or abstinent, or whatever) right now, it's working. You may feel awful, your life may be in tatters, and you may have lots of rubbish thoughts going on, but it's working.

To say that recovery does not work because you feel awful, your life is in tatters, and you have lots of rubbish thoughts going on is like saying the train does not work because you don't like the scenery that is coming past you at eighty miles per hour.

Even more insane is getting off the train, whilst it is moving, sustaining serious injuries in the process, and then telling anyone who will listen that you got off a moving train because it was not moving (as it disappears into the distance with everyone else still on it).

Then again, the hallmark of addiction is insanity, so insanity is to be expected.

Correction: insane thinking is to be expected. The smart people recognise that their thinking is screwy and don't make decisions based on it. Sanity is not sane thinking: sanity is letting someone else's common sense prevail over one's own best ideas.

Or even better: invoking God's strength and power to take the next indicated action regardless of how one feels or what one thinks.

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