Saturday, 27 January 2018

Two exercises

1. Affirmation of God's power

Make a list of all of your problems.

For each one, write an affirmation about how God will help you master the problem:

'God will help me to handle [name of person] with peace, kindness, and effectiveness.'


'God will help me to complete [task] with a good result, on time, and with minimum fuss'


'God will help me face any unexpected difficulty arising at [event] with grace and dexterity by turning to Him.'

Then repeat throughout the day.

2. Affirmation of resources


5 character virtues you have (e.g. courage, persistence [= positive obstinacy], resilience, kindness, openness) that can help solve your problems.


All of the other resources in your favour (God and all of the resources God has provided: fellowship A, fellowship B, fellowship C, meeting A, meeting B, meeting C, friends [list them], sponsor(s) [list them!], books [list them], online resources, favourite recovery speakers [list them], favourite non-recovery speakers [list them], helpful family members, favourite places to walk, household pets, etc.)

Whenever lacking in confidence or feeling insecure, rehearse the lists.

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