Saturday, 30 December 2017

'I don't want to work the programme'

Sometimes I think, 'I don't want to go to a meeting', 'I don't want to do my review', 'I don't want to answer the phone'. Sometimes I think 'I do want to go to a meeting', 'I do want to do my review', 'I do want to answer the phone'. Sometimes I accordance with the former; sometimes, with the latter.

It would appear that I am unstable! As the mind changes, one of two things might happen: I might do the wrong thing (by following the 'I want to do a bad thing'/'I don't want to do a good thing'-voice), in which case my spirit is dejected, or I might do the right thing, in which case my ego rebels. Either way, conflict is created.

There is a way out.

I am neither of the two voices. I am the chooser between the two voices. There is a voice for God and a voice for the ego. Just because the voices are in my mind does not make the voices mine, any more than an avocado in my presence is necessarily my avocado, and any more than I am the avocado just because I am next to the avocado.

So, throughout the day, I am presented with voices that are merely in my presence, are certainly not me, and are not mine either.

My choice is this: which will I believe and which will I follow? Both can't be right as they are mutually contradictory and mutually exclusive.

First, I choose the sort of day I want: peaceful, productive, and harmonious.

Then I choose the beliefs and the path that are consistent with these qualities.

The other beliefs and the path that the other beliefs promise is smoke that dissolves into the air.

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