Thursday, 16 November 2017

Doing God's will

Doing God's will involves two stages: (1) discerning God's will (2) following through.

If I draw up a good plan for the day, which involves taking the actions that maintain my life, discharging my obligations, and decorating the remainder with pleasant activities, I can treat that as God's will.

The question is then whether I will do it. If I do not, and instead follow an instruction that has occurred to me as a thought in my mind (without there being overriding circumstances and without revisiting the process of actively seeking God's will), I am substituting the latest thought that has come into my mind for God's will.

This means that, in that moment, I think that, of all of the ideas available in the universe, of all of the available sources of wisdom, of all of the things I have ever learned, it is the latest thought that has come into my mind that is the wisest. I am essentially saying that my new god is the latest thought that has come into my mind.

This is insanely arrogant. It's good to know the real source of the problem!

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