Saturday, 25 March 2017


·         STEP FOUR: How do I deal with resentment, fear, and selfishness that do not go away even when I do inventory, pray, and help someone?

·         STEP ELEVEN: How do you become enlightened?
·         STEP ELEVEN: Why am I looking in lots of different places to find enlightenment?

·         STEP ELEVEN: Can you recommend some spiritual literature?

·         STEP ELEVEN: Can you recommend anything on Christian mysticism?


·         STEP TWELVE: Where can I find newcomers?

·         STEP TWELVE: As a CA member can I look for newcomers to work with in other Big Book fellowships?

Yes, but only as a member of those fellowships.

·         STEP TWELVE: What do you do if people get upset and angry because you are carrying the message?

·         STEP TWELVE: How do you guide someone through the steps?

·         GENERAL: How do you deal with aggressive people?

·         GENERAL: Can you entirely get rid of self with God’s aid (cf. page 62)?

·         GENERAL: What other AA literature should one read?

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age
Dr Bob and the Good Oldtimers

·         GENERAL: What is the second surrender?

·         GENERAL: Do you have to work the steps more than once? If so, how often?

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