Thursday, 30 March 2017

How to find people to work with

The answer to alcoholism (and most other problems) is serving God by helping others, chiefly through sponsorship.

Here's how to find people to work with:
  • Make sure your own house is in order (Steps One to Eleven).
  • Go to lots of meetings, in particular meetings with a lot of people who are new or struggling.
  • Get there early, leave late, and stay for fellowship. Don't sit there staring at your phone. Talk to people. If you don't know anyone, hard luck: talk to people anyway. Ask God for inspiration and guidance in the moment.
  • At meetings, pray constantly to be of maximum service and to keep an eye out for people you might be able to help or otherwise build a relationship with.
  • Get numbers of people new or struggling and build relationships with them, letting them know that you're available to help (although not pushing it further than that).
  • Share at every meeting, honestly and with a presentation of the solution you have been shown, exactly what you did, and the excellent results you got.
  • Get on a twelfth-steppers list so you are likely to be called to make first contact with newcomers.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the contents of the Big Book and in particular the instructions on taking the Steps.
  • Be certain of the procedure you are going to follow (typically but not always the precise process you went through with your own sponsor).
  • If you are going to be using handouts or similar, have the online link available to give out or otherwise be prepared to give the instructions immediately to anyone who asks. Maybe have a physical copy of the first assignment with you at all times.
  • Be prepared with a list of daily or weekly tasks or tips you expect a sponsee to carry out. Consider having this in hard copy and carrying round a few copies with you.
  • Endeavour to make this your number one priority, and pray every morning to maximise your opportunities to help other people.
  • If, on a particular day, you do not have a phone or face to face appointment with a sponsee, go to a meeting.
  • Strip from within you any shred of resistance, fear, reluctance, or other impediment. You're in charge of your own consciousness, not anyone else, and it's time to step up to the plate and take responsibility: anything that gets in the way of serving God must go.
  • Remember: you agreed at the start to go to any lengths for victory of alcohol or whatever else ails you.
In other words: be prepared and create the conditions in which God can work most effectively.

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