Saturday, 17 December 2016

How not to be a miserable s**t

Self-centredness does not always look like self-centredness. Concern over anything other than God’s will for me represents a usurpation of God’s role as general protector and guide of the world. If I am worried about something beyond my control, I am being hubristic. This is not to say that what goes on in the world is completely irrelevant to me; it is relevant to the extent that such information guides my action in the service of God. Given the extent of difficulties in the world, it would be impossible to be concerned with all legitimate causes; the question to God concerns which of the many causes I am enjoined to participate in the furthering of. In addition, if I’m a woe-laden misery, I’m of no use to anyone.

Here are the quotations:

Pages 61 to 62 of Alcoholics Anonymous.

 Page 132 of Alcoholics Anonymous.

To sum up, lighten up, then get busy.

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