Friday, 11 November 2016

How do you handle apocalyptic fear?

Occasionally I suffer from the tiniest touch of apocalyptic fear. Occasionally others around me suffer from the same, tiniest touch of apocalyptic fear. It's just about possible that there might be a person or two suffering from just this fear right now. With that in mind, here is my fear inventory of the day, per page 68 of the book 'Alcoholics Anonymous'.


I am frightened of

  • A gradual (or not so gradual) slide into global fascism
  • War
  • The gradual (or not so gradual) disintegration of Western civilisation
  • The dawning of an age of brutality and barbarism
  • The destruction of all good and beauty in the world
  • The destruction of humanity itself
  • The destruction of life on the planet
  • The extinction of many species
  • The destruction of natural habitats
  • The assets and achievements of mankind being wiped out and forgotten
  • Destruction on such a scale that material advancement can never again be achieved because surface minerals have largely been used

Why am I frightened of these things?

  • Physical, emotional, spiritual pain
  • Seeing the physical, emotional, or spiritual pain of others
  • Loss of hope for myself, humanity, and life on the planet
  • Sense of futility of myself and humanity

God, please remove the fear.

What would God have me be, think, and do?
  • Humble: I am not a soothsayer, fortune-teller, or prophet and cannot see the future.
  • Humble: I cannot fix the world but I can be a force in the lives of people around me.
  • Humble: existence and goodness represent purpose in themselves.
  • Remember that eternity lies in the moment.
  • Be grateful for what I currently have and for what the world has achieved in the past and in the present.
  • Remember the billions of good people on the planet.
  • Pray for the peace of others.
  • Pray that we can all play our role in God's plan for humanity.
  • Connect spiritually and in our hearts with all others, whether or not they are seeking God, whether or not they know they are seeking God.
  • Ask God for His will for me on all levels: practically, intellectually, spiritually.
  • Keep my eyes on the present and the work of the day OR keep my eyes on eternity.
  • Examine the past or the future only in order to devise the work of the day under the direction of God.
  • Be active and resourceful and, in between, rest in God.
  • Decorate my life with natural and man-made beauty in whatsoever form.
  • Do not engage in cynicism, doom-mongering, gloom, despondency, negativity, fear, reproach, grievance, or unnecessary criticism, even when true.
  • Remember that there are four hundred billion stars in the galaxy, and one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe: there is beauty and the potential for life in endless variation: even if the story on earth ends, the story is not over.
  • Human consciousness in its manifest form is not the alpha and omega: whatever we come from cannot be destroyed by us any more than the implosion of a snow globe destroys the Person holding it, Who created it.
  • Remember that God is constantly active in every human heart and that we can affect the hearts of those around us through our own good acts and silent peace.
  • Be comfortable in not knowing.
  • Instead: rest in the palm of God.

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