Monday, 31 October 2016

The first three Steps for the purposes of ad hoc inventory

Before writing inventory, it’s a good idea to recap the first three Steps.

Here’s a quick way of doing this, if one has some urgent but limited inventory to write.

Step One

Being off-beam results ultimately in relapse, and the first drink could trigger an unstoppable process, so being off-beam is a grave matter.

Being off-beam always involves the ideas contained within the Serenity Prayer not being practised.

·         I am not able to accept something I cannot change.
·         I am accepting something that I should change.
·         I am not able to change something I should change.
·         I am trying to change something I cannot change.
·         I am confused about what I can and cannot change.

Which of these apply?

Step Two

Do I trust that the Steps will work on this, the way they have worked on everything else, to restore me to useful harmony with myself, others, and God?

Step Three

Am I willing for all of my beliefs, thinking, and action to be challenged and redirected, regardless of the personal consequences?

Is there anything I am unwilling to turn over to this process and thereby to God?

Once these have been answered satisfactorily, proceed to write inventory.

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