Monday, 31 October 2016

Buffing up the florist's van

If you were a florist, and your job was to deliver flowers to people, you would make sure not only that the flowers are in good condition but that the driver is neat, clean, polite, and friendly and that the van is clean and well maintained. Being spiritual does not mean neglecting the physical. If your job is to carry a beneficial message about God's love and the transformation available to others through the programme of AA, let alone be of use in other areas, you have to make sure your body is working well. Physical health, exercise, stopping smoking, diet, and reversing or avoiding obesity and other factors that provoke disease and shorten life are therefore important. Our job in AA is to maximise our effectiveness as servants of God, and to do so we need to be in fit condition and maximise the length of time available to do the work at hand. People might cry out that this is none of anyone's business but their own. That's fair enough if one hasn't taken Step Three. But once one has taken Step Three, one has decided to consider how one can best serve God, and physical health is clearly vital to support this.