Saturday, 17 September 2016

Worshipping other Gods

The chapter 'We Agnostics' talks about worship of people, sentiment, things, money, or ourselves. My experience is this:

I recently heard a teaching to the effect that, whilst most sins cause proportionate spiritual harm, the sin of chasing after 'other gods' undoes and nullifies the benefit of all of the good deeds one otherwise does. The cost is incalculable. This is consistent with my experience. When something other than serving God is my priority and/or the perceived source of good in my life, I will not be at peace, regardless of how well or right I act, superficially. The harm appears disproportionate, but the reason is clear: having God as the centre and main objective of my life, without whom I am nothing, to quote Bill W, to whom I am to turn in all matters, and in whose hands I am to place everything, brooks no opposition or compromise. If I bow down before and worship other things, the entire purpose of the AA programme is confounded.

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