Thursday, 26 May 2016


If one looks carefully at the context of the phrase 'suggested as a programme of recovery', a few points are clear:

If you are an alcoholic of the hopeless type, the only solution is to have a spiritual awakening.

The only way to have a spiritual awakening known to the authors of the book, other than waiting for a spontaneous one, is to take the steps.

The authors of the book concede there may be other methods, but they do not elaborate on what such other methods may be.

Clearly, however, the authors have tried other methods and have failed.

So much for other methods.

Obviously, the programme is 'suggested' by the authors. They're hardly in a position to give orders, because they have no authority over the readers. All they can do, therefore, is suggest.

'Suggested' does not mean 'you can achieve the same results by other means'. It is merely a politeness device; it says, 'we're in no position to instruct you what to do, but we would be dead if we hadn't done this, so feel free to adopt the solution we have found'.

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