Sunday, 1 May 2016

Round-up of the week (1 May 2016)

How often should I pray?

The Big Book says about prayer: 'Better men than we are using it constantly'. There's your answer: constantly.

Don't engage

When other members or other groups try to engage you in conflict, don't get involved.

They have no power except the power you give them.

According to Concept XII, we avoid public controversy, but we may scan their communications for valid criticism that can aid our own inventory and we may write privately to correct published misformation. Other than that, keep your mouth shut and do not let the bad behaviour of others enter or settle in your consciousness.

Call first

When you are faced with a novel or a tricky situation, call someone sane, grounded, and with a sense of humour before not after acting. A good deal of sponsorship time is wasted trying to unpick situations that could have been avoided by placing a judicious call first.

How do you deal with overwhelming tasks?

Break the task down into its constituent parts. Break that down into its constituent parts. Break it down until you have a single next action to take (check out page 87: when agitated or doubtful we pray for the right thought or action) and then take that action or pray for the strength to take it and pray until you're taking it. Then take the next one. Eventually Jerusalem is built. Or builded, if you like Blake.

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