Thursday, 25 February 2016

What do I share?

When in meetings, we share about the Twelve Steps, Fellowship, and Service. Meetings are not the place for sharing non-AA solutions to alcoholism or other problems; nor are they a venue for a public Step Five; nor are they are place to share your thoughts and feelings about the past day or week with no reference to alcoholism or AA's solution to alcoholism.

The argument is sometimes presented that, if one doesn't share one's thoughts and feelings about the past day or week in a meeting, there is nowhere else to share it. This is disingenuous. If you are able to share such matters to thirty people in an AA meeting, you are able to share the same matters with each such person individually. Rather than telling everyone, you might approach one of the other people at the meeting and ask if you can share. Most people will be happy to listen.

AA meetings are for sharing our insightful understanding of the problem and our experience of the solution.

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