Saturday, 27 February 2016

Not getting the results?

Still unhappy?

If you're still unhappy in AA, ask yourself: have you taken every action set out in the book Alcoholics Anonymous up to page 164, adapting for the difference in AA's structure (e.g. using the service structure to carry the message to the outside world rather than seeking doctors or priests on your own per page 89)?

If you haven't, stop complaining or doubting God or the programme.

If you were following the instructions for opening a safe, you wouldn't miss out some of the instructions and expect the safe to open.

If you were writing code, you wouldn't miss out a line and expect the macro to work.

If you were following directions to drive from London to Edinburgh and missed a few turnings, you would not expect to end up in Edinburgh.

Come back when you've followed the instructions, and then we'll see.

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