Friday, 6 November 2015

Having a bad day? Do something about it.

If you're having a bad day, don't be a whiny victim. The AA programme offers some solutions:

  • Once you've had a good cry(!), do an inventory, specifically to identify where you have gone wrong.
  • Produce a list of corrective measures, the attitudes and behaviour you are going to foster as the antidote. Mine AA and spiritual literature for guidance.
  • Once an hour or more often if necessary spend time with God, asking for your thinking to be redirected and rewired.
  • Once an hour or more often if necessary take a helpful piece of spiritual literature that envisions a relationship with God that places you in safety, and the ego as the source of all of your suffering.
  • Share the inventory with three people and ask for guidance. Add that guidance to your corrective measures.
  • Go to a meeting. That does not mean go and moan about how hard things are. It means getting there a little early and speaking to some people. Find out who is there. Find out who needs help.
  • Try to share at the meeting, and, when you do, present adequately and succinctly your understanding of what alcoholism is and joyfully present the solution, perhaps citing the tools you have applied today.
  • Ask God to give you people to help afterwards. Make sure your number is given to newcomers or other people struggling or in need and arrange with them when you will speak to them or see them.
Try this consistently. Try this for a decade or so. Then see if you still have a problem.


Hortense Suleyman said...

A decade?!
What happened to A year..?

Kesavan Chakravarthy said...

Thank You For Sharing