Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Augen zu und durch

Part of Step One is the recognition that one’s mind does not work properly. It leads one to drinking; it sabotages other good things with its relentless, specious negativity.

The structure of Step Two is this: ‘The way I think and therefore live does not work; here are some people who have found a better way; I’ll do what they did; no reason why it won’t work for me as some were even worse than me.’

Step Three—and the follow-through in which the subsequent Steps consist—is then automatic: following precisely in their footsteps.

Along the journey, the sabotaging mind—which is why we’re in recovery at all—starts to adopt an advisory capacity, and we have a tendency to listen to it.

‘This’ll never work. I’m not able to do this. It’s all too much. What’s the point? I hate everything’. (That sort of thing.) So we stall, delay, or give up altogether.

The Germans have a phrase: Augen zu und durch. ‘Eyes shut and [bash on] through.’ That should be an AA slogan.

Anyone can get well. Really the only thing that can stop us is putting our trust back in the part of the mind that is the problem in the first place.


Anonymous said...

You do a great service with your writings, I read frequently and just wanted to thank you

Hortense Suleyman said...

I second that