Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A checklist for oneself and one's sponsees

What is your homegroup?
Is it the best AA group in London, in your opinion? ('Best' = most programme-focused; most helpful in carrying the AA message)
If not, why is it your homegroup?
At your homegroup and other groups you attend, are you sharing the solution?
Do you do service at your homegroup?
Setting aside long-distance travel and illness, do you ever miss your home group because you schedule some other activity in its stead?
If you are currently in the process of taking Steps One through Nine, are you scheduling time to work on these Steps before you schedule other moveable activities?
How many people are you sponsoring?
Do you return phone calls/texts within 24 hours?
Do you offer face-to-face meetings with sponsees promptly?
If you have fewer than one sponsee for every year of sobriety, are you actively seeking new sponsees?
How many times a week do you have face-to-face fellowship with other people in AA?
Are you doing a Step Eleven review in the morning?
Are you discussing recurrent or problematic issues with a sponsor or equivalent, promptly?
Are you implementing corrective measures? What spiritual reading are you doing?
Are you keeping secrets?
Are you harming anyone?
Are you harbouring resentment?
Are you permitting fearful attitudes and thoughts?
How are you implementing new (or old) spiritual ideas in your life?

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