Monday, 17 August 2015

Is my ego resurgent?

The ego edges God out. The bigger the ego, the more likely a relapse.

How do you know, as an AA member, that your ego is resurgent? There are surely a thousand ways, but here are twelve, to get you going.

(1) A noisy head.
(2) Saying: 'A little AA goes a long way.'
(3) Saying: 'Everyone else in AA is getting it wrong.'
(4) Saying: 'I'm a grown-up; I'm not harming anyone; I can do what I want.'
(5) Saying: 'Someone else can talk to that newcomer over there.'
(6) Resigning AA service assignments mid term.
(7) Courteously letting others volunteer for service first.
(8) Talking about 'balance' or 'a bridge to normal living'.
(9) Making decisions based on emotion.
(10) Rule-based living.
(11) A mental list of things that are 'not allowed to happen'.
(12) The image of God becoming a cardboard cut-out.

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