Sunday, 9 August 2015

Daily tips for newcomers

These are not taken from the Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous) but are perfectly consistent with it:

  1. Go to a meeting every day. Get there early. Leave late. Go for 'fellowship' (coffee or dinner). Talk to people. Be honest. Listen. Help out.
  2. Read a story at the back of the Big Book and highlight anything you identify with.
  3. Grass up delinquent, dark, or troubling thoughts to an AA confidante or two.
  4. Read pages 86 to 88 of the Big Book every day and do exactly what it says. If you don't believe in God, try a higher power instead. If you can't conceive of one, try this: 'a hitherto unsuspected inner resource'.
  5. Make yourself useful both at AA meetings and in the outside world
  6. Phone three solid AA members every day in addition to your sponsor (which means you need to get a sponsor) and be honest and open with them.
  7. Prioritise time spent on the latest exercise your sponsor has given you on the Steps. If your sponsor hasn't given you one, you probably need a different sponsor.

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