Sunday, 3 May 2015

What do I do when I feel bad?

Nothing outside of me makes me feel anything, emotionally; I am 100 per cent responsible for my attitudes, thinking, action, and emotions.
If I want how I feel to change, I have to change my attitudes, thinking, and behaviour. There is inevitably going to be some delay before the changes are fully implemented, and emotions will always lag somewhat behind changes in attitudes, thinking, and behaviour.
Once the change is in motion, however, I simply have to ask God for the courage to walk through the emotion with courage and dignity and without complaint.
Before examining the detail, it is wise to examine whether I am living fully in all three sides of the AA triangle. See this link for details: I then examine where I am falling short in the areas of service, fellowship, and recovery, adjust my daily, weekly, and long-term schedule, give the correction time to 'bed in', and then see if I still feel bad.
If I do, here are the viable questions:
What is wrong with my attitudes, thinking, and behaviour?
What should my attitudes, thinking, and behaviour be instead?
How can I make amends?
How can I improve my relationship with God?
How can I better fulfil my obligations and help others?
In my experience, this approach is sufficient.

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