Friday, 15 May 2015

Causes of relapse

In most cases, relapse follows a period of not living fully inside all three sides of the AA triangle of recovery (steps), service, and fellowship.

If the instruction has been given but not followed, the individual is lacking in willingness.

Possible causes:
  1. A belief that, if one drinks, disaster will not ensure, so taking actions to prevent relapse is not strictly necessary.
  2. A belief that partial compliance will produce 100% results (sobriety).
  3. A belief that, even if one took said actions, happy sobriety would not ensure.
The individual, therefore, typically believes that they're not alcoholic, they're alcoholic but not in need of a spiritual awakening, or they're alcoholic and in need of a spiritual awakening but the latter is not available to them.

Anyone willing to go to any lengths to continue drinking (as most AA members have been) are perfectly able to go to any lengths. The issue, therefore, is always willingness, and the solution is honesty.

Following relapse or a period of slackness, the above considerations can help to identify the problem and thus the solution.

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