Friday, 20 February 2015


When I am upset, I have forgotten that I am only spirit. As spirit, I am called upon by God to play particular roles: worker, teacher, boyfriend, sponsor, etc. These characters are the puppets; my job is simply to pull their strings, in accordance with the direction of the Director. When circumstances or events appear to be affecting me, they are really affecting the roles, the puppets, and I have mistaken myself for the puppets whose strings I am pulling. Sometimes I am called upon to favour one puppet over another, say I am asked by God to work a little harder and play a little less, or vice versa. The puppets then complain, and I must remember not to take their side against the Director. They are just puppets. Their voices are not real but imagined.

When the imaginary voices die down, the real, silent song of the universe emerges.

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