Sunday, 16 November 2014


"Dr Bob led me through all of these steps. At the moral inventory, he brought up several of my bad personality traits or character defects, such as selfishness, conceit, jealousy, carelessness, intolerance, ill-temper, SARCASM, and resentments." (Page 263)

Interestingly, sarcasm is listed. The reason this strikes me is because sarcasm is used very frequently in online discussions. When people dislike something, rather than engaging with the question substantively, they dismiss what they disagree with, with sarcasm.

Sarcasm is a defensive form of attack and is typically used when one believes oneself to have been attacked in some way.

I've had to learn to stand back when I am tempted to be sarcastic, and to ask myself, 'why do I feel attacked?' This is a very useful line of inventory inquiry.

Do you view sarcasm as a character defect?

Do you watch for it in everyday life?

Do you watch for it in your postings online?

Do you do your best to eliminate it?