Sunday, 3 August 2014

Corrective measures

I have never had great success with corrective measures involving not doing something. The best ones are where I cultivate a different positive attitude, thought pattern, or action.

According to page 85, we can exercise our will along the line of God's will, and that is where empowerment lies. We do not ask for God to reinforce our strength not to act on self-will, because that implies the solution to self-will is not the Step Seven removal thereof but the exercise of restraint, which always entails tension, as the self-will remains.

It is only by withdrawing my faith in the ego's plan for my salvation, which is where all of my failed attitudes, thinking, and behaviour have come from, and the placing of my faith in God's plan for my salvation that I can be at rest in God. And from that flows all the energy I need to act right.

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