Saturday, 23 August 2014

Al-Anon pitfalls

Things to be wary of:

Right actions taken in the wrong spirit.

Punishing others for breaking rules I have never voiced.

Pulling rank on an alcoholic because I see myself as more competent, capable, and responsible.

Valuing my time more than others'.

Seeing myself as the instrument of God's justice or the chalk that draws the writing on the blackboard of the alcoholic's life.

Acting or speaking when I am not at peace.

Speaking unnecessarily slowly, clearly, or elaborately to shame the alcoholic by implying he's an idiot.

Repeating something when the last dozen reminders were in vain.

Expecting the sow's ear to turn itself into a silk purse.

Expecting others to pull up socks they do not have.

Expecting others to display a clarity about the effect of their behaviour I would do well to seek with regard to my own.

Shielding someone from the consequences of their actions then bringing home all the chickens to roost at once.

Master these and you free up the whole afternoon.

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