Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lifelong conceptions

The Big Book suggests we will have to throw out many lifelong conceptions.

Here are some I have had to throw out.

I am always right.
You are always wrong.
If I think it, it is true.
If you think differently than me, you are attacking me.
My worth as a human being is reflected in my virtues, defects, thoughts, actions, results or lack thereof, or in your expression, your words, your actions, or your supposed thoughts.
There is something fundamentally wrong with me, you, and the world.
I can act without integrity but feel whole.
I am not responsible for my thoughts, feelings, actions, and internal life.
I am responsible for your thoughts, feelings, actions, and internal life.
I know what you are thinking.
I know what is good for you.
I can tell the future.
I can be happy by making a list of all of the things I think will make me happy and going and getting them.
Sex, money, power, prestige, comfort, thrills, and looks will bring me health, happiness, harmony, love, joy, peace, and connection.
Getting is more important than giving.
If I think hard enough about the problem, the problem will go away.
I can think resentful, fearful, and guilty thoughts and somehow avoid feeling rage, terror, and humiliation.
Happy people are superficial; unhappy people are wise.
God does not exist.
I am my body and, by extension, my material existence.
How I feel is an accurate reflection of reality.
I will have time to help others when I have solved all of my problems.
My beliefs and attitudes cannot change. My thinking cannot change. My actions cannot change.
The universe will not provide if I simply serve, so I have to grab, grab, grab to get what is due to me.

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