Saturday, 12 July 2014


The Book suggests I not rest on my laurels and that I remain spiritually active. Having been restored to sanity, I do this, because this is the sane thing to do.

I do not need to maintain the fiction that the original problem still remains and that the process of removing the problem has not worked, in order to keep me active in AA.

I keep doing what the Book says not because I view myself as perceptually sick, perpetually broken, and perpetually being chased by a 'disease' that is out to kill me but because I have been restored to my right mind and awakened to a sense of destiny and responsibility for the world I live in.

I also do not attribute my human failings or human experience to alcoholism. I do not say I am still 'sick', because I make mistakes or have human emotions. It is alcoholism I have recovered from, not humanity.

That responsibility for my contribution to the world starts in AA, and my spiritual path has always led me back to the meat and potatoes of AA, helping other alcoholics, because we are uniquely fitted to this end.

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