Monday, 26 May 2014

Home group inventory

To establish a firm home in AA, a home group is necessary.

Home group inventory:

Do I have a home group I always go to unless I am ill or out of town?
Do I always get there half an hour early and talk to people?
Do I take up a service assignment there?
Do I turn up to all business meetings and group conscience meetings?
Do I go for fellowship with the rest of the group afterwards, without fail?
Do I share at my home group meetings?
Do I make an effort to welcome visitors or newcomers to my home group?
Do I add to a spirit of patience, tolerance, kindliness, and love in my home group?
Do I do these things even when I have a 'better offer'?

This is vital to create a safe haven for people who are new or struggling. That in turns provides a safe haven for us.

Do my actions show I am putting the welfare of the group first? Or do I do as I please?

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kesavan chakravarthy said...

Thank You For Sharing!!!