Monday, 25 November 2013

5-minute blog: finding God

God is what is revealed when everything that is not God is removed.

The removal process follows certain rules.

Playing God has to stop; playing God involves scripting the universe and monitoring it for compliance; to stop playing God, we have to stop scripting and monitoring, and concern ourselves instead with this: asking God (as director) for our lines (as actors) and getting on with looking for our cues and delivering our lines.

We're on his business, not ours, as our real lives are not buried in the lines we are delivering but extend in all directions even beyond the theatre itself.

The Steps are the fail-safe mechanism that brings this to pass.

Remove the blocks to sight and what is real shows up.

What does not work, however, is insisting that the maintenance of a connection with God and the communication with God that occurs after the connection has been made follow a strict path.

Some see God in religion. Some see God in ritual. Some see God in spiritual readings.

Some see God in trees. Some see God in late Brahms piano music. Some see God in dogs.

Here's the test: if something gives you peace and detachment from the rubbish of the world, and enables you to see clearly your role with no distortion of personal involvement, you've found God.

No need to feel guilty that how you found it is not prescribed by others.

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