Friday, 27 September 2013

What it's all about

This programme is about getting out of self, not getting into self.

Page 63 makes it pretty clear that my focus needs to be on performing God's work well and staying close to Him.

Nothing else is my business.

My identity is irrelevant. What you think about me is irrelevant. Your faults are irrelevant. My so-called personal wants and needs are irrelevant.

The precise twists and turns of my mind when I am locked in self are irrelevant.

When I say 'irrelevant', I mean irrelevant to my daily business; my trust is that God will handle those and give me a role to play where necessary.

The AA programme is not pseudo-psychotherapy, group therapy, or pop psychology. It's about abandonment of self and rejoicing in the universe God has given us.

But the programme can easily be misused as a way of becoming involved in self in a socially acceptable form, and in the way we conduct AA meetings and in the way we respond to each other, we can be aiding and abetting this process.

I'm done. I'm interested in serving God, and I'm praying to God on a daily basis to strip all selfish motives from me.

Page 86 says it best when we start off the day asking God to eliminate all self-pity, self-seeking, and dishonest motives, and to direct our thinking.

Towards what? Towards what we can do for God.

I'm not there yet obviously, and there is obviously further growth necessary, quite a lot in my case.

But that is the direction I'm pointed in.

Today's message, briefly, is this: get out of self and make yourself useful.

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