Monday, 25 February 2013

How about a real review?

On a daily basis, am I doing a plan for the day?
Am I getting done what is on the plan?
If not, why not?
Am I behind schedule or leaving things undone with family; friends; home; AA service; exercise; work; other activities?
How would others say I am treating them?
Would others say my attitude is positive or negative?
How do I talk about people who are not there?
Am I exercising?
Am I eating properly?
Am I getting enough sleep?
How is my behaviour with caffeine and sugar?
How much time is going on Step Eleven on a daily basis?
Am I communicating daily with people in the programme?
Am I falling foul of any of the following Big Book 'death threats':
(1) Resentment
(2) Ongoing harm to others
(3) Secrets
(4) Apologies not made
(5) Anything owed, financial or otherwise
(6) Complacency
(7) Not sacrificing self for others?
When did I last talk to God?
When did I last sit for fifteen minutes in silence and ask God to talk to me?


Christopher Henry said...

Man Tim you give me so much to inspire to, there is daily work go be done.

kesavan chakravarthy said...