Wednesday, 19 December 2012

There is nothing wrong right now

This is not strictly true always. If a knife is being inserted into you; if a joint is aching terribly; if you slept only two hours last night, there will be suffering. I have had the experience of suffering, both physically and emotionally, and being "OK", however: nothing was wrong right then. The wrongness would have come from a mental superstructure or add-on about the suffering. "This shouldn't be happening." "This is unfair!" "If I hadn't ..., I would not be feeling ..." "When is this going to stop?" The wrongness is not inherent in the experience itself.

Other than that, any "wrongness" in the moment, if analysed carefully, will be revealed to be attributable entirely to interpretation through the ego of an essentially benign or at least insignificant circumstance.

There is nothing wrong

What is true in the moment is eternally true. What is eternally true is true in the moment. If wrongness is ever possible, it is always possible. If it is ever impossible, it is always impossible. If God cannot heal one thing, I might as well throw the towel in now. If God can heal one thing, there is hope for everything. God is everything or God is nothing. God is or God isn't. What is the choice to be?

There is nothing

Oh, there are certainly electrons, quarks, protons, and other atomic and sub-atomic particles. There is certainly light. Something let that be and it is. Isn't it? But is there a chair? An elephant? A slight? A catastrophe? Or are these things merely interpretations of the electrons, protons, neutrons, and photons, interpretations residing in my mind? Are these things merely temporary form belying a mysterious, ineffable, harmless, and indestructible substance?

There is

When the interpretation is removed, all that is left is the "isness" of what is.


But in the observation of what is, the "there", who is doing the observing?


The observer of the there is the here: as you realise you are the observer that is part of what is being observed, the last sense of separation is dissolved, and you are left with ...

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