Monday, 10 December 2012

A brief service inventory

(1) What are my service assignments?
(2) Am I applying the Traditions and Concepts in those service assignments?
Over the last week:
(3) What has gone well?
(4) What has gone badly?
(5) What are my corrective measures (using the Traditions and Concepts)?
Over the coming week:
(6) What service is scheduled?
(7) How can I apply the Traditions and Concepts to plan under God's guidance what my role will be?
(8) Am I spending time reading about the Traditions and the Concepts, and reading service literature (e.g. the World Service Manual) to learn more about how things are best done?
(9) Am I taking specific difficulties to my sponsor, service sponsor, or other people experienced in successful, Traditions- and Concepts-based service, or am I struggling to handle such difficulties on my own?
(10) At my home group, do I discuss difficulties constructively or destructively?
(11) Is there a matter I need to bring to the group conscience—does the group need a group inventory?
(12) Have I given what I cannot change to God?

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