Tuesday, 3 July 2012

STEP 04 An exercise on completion of the third column of the resentment inventory

(1) Can I see that my unhappiness is coming from the gap between my perception of reality and my plan for reality?

(2) Can I see that my perception of reality is highly selective and therefore fragmentary, and that actual reality is obscured by a great deal of conjecture (forming views based on imagination not fact), interpretation (seeing what we think things "mean", not what they really are), generalisation (inferring general trends from individual observations), and extrapolation (inferring what cannot be seen from what can)?

(3) Can I see that my plan for reality to a significant extent boils down to wanting sex, money, power, prestige, looks, comfort, and thrills, and in particular (with regard to prestige) approval, validation, and admiration?

(4) What value do these commodities have? How do I feel when I chase them? How do I feel when I cannot get them? How do I feel when I get them? How long can I keep that feeling for? How do I feel when I am making every effort not to lose them?

(5) Is my life like the war it talks about on page 66 in which, even when I win, the cost of chasing these commodities is a terrible one?

(6) Am I willing to see I need to drop the chase after these commodities if I am going to be happy?

(7) Am I willing to see I need to stop speculating, interpreting, generalising, and extrapolating if I am to see reality as it is?

(8) Am I willing to believe that reality might be seen differently?

(9) Am I willing to believe that there may be better commodities than money, sex, power, prestige, looks, comfort, and thrills?

(10) Am I willing to let God guide me to those with no prejudice?

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The JayWalker said...

Its very true. If we are living in the third step then what are we doing trying to wrest satisfaction from shiny packages which have a hollow center. (Brothel/casino/doner kebab or judgement)

It takes courage to drop all ideas and basically gamble.

Spirituali Life of Alcoholic Life. Take your pick!!

Those that do it and I mean really fo it with no half measures receive the according results.

If it's rubbish you can always drink again. It's very cheap these days. 7 cans for £5 at my local offy

The JayWalker