Friday, 4 May 2012

Tips on sharing

Some tips that have helped me re sharing at meetings.

(1) Always mention something to do with alcoholic drinking. People who don't know you will connect better if they know you're one of them.

(2) Mention a current or recent difficulty. People who are new or struggling will also connect better if they realise you're a human who experiences difficulties from time to time rather than a lecturer from a superior, unattainable planet.

(3) Mention the Big Book. People need to know where the path to the solution lies and what it is. They can't argue with it, because most don't know what is in it.

(4) Mention what Step-oriented actions you have taken and are taking about (1) and (2) and the results you have been getting.

(5) Speak from your own experience of identifying with or taking actions based on the Big Book rather than lecturing on its contents. Stories always come across better than lectures. Also, no one can argue with your experience. They weren't there.

It's possible, in 3 minutes, to get newcomers to identify with you without intimidating them AND to share a solution.

It's not either/or.

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