Saturday, 22 January 2011

Chapters Seven to Nine: the spiritual 'dos'

A list of the 'dos' in Chapters Seven to Nine. Overly specific instructions have been ignored; what is set out below is a list of general spiritual principles. Duplicates are ignored.

Cooperate (89:3)
Be helpful (89:3)
Be patient (90:1)
Put yourself in the other person's place (90:2)
Wait (90:3)
Be sane (94:1)
Be quiet (94:1)
Be full of human understanding (94:1)
Offer friendship (95:1)
Offer fellowship (95:1)
Use discretion (96:3)
Concentrate on your own spiritual demonstration (98:3)
Be considerate (99:1)
Increase the pleasure of others (102:1)
Attend to your business enthusiastically (102:1)
Be of good temper (111:1)
Use your energies to promote a better understanding (115:3)
Defuse heated discussion (118:1)
Be tolerant (118:2)
Be loving (118:2)
Live and let live (118:2)
Show a willingness to remedy defects (118:2)
Count blessings (119:1)
Think of what you can put into life (120:0)
Cheer others up (120:1)
Ask how you can be helpful (120:1)
See what you can give (122:2)
Face and rectify errors and convert them into assets (124:1)
Be thankful (127:0)
Praise progress (127:0)
Be flexible ('yield here and there') (131:2)
Thoughtfully consider the needs of others (131:2)
Insist on enjoying life (132:1)
Cheerfully capitalise trouble (133:0)
First things first (135:5)
Easy does it (135:5)