Link to worksheets and handouts

Click on this link to access worksheets and handouts: Link to worksheets and handouts

This will take you to a new page, which is a set of Google Drive folders.

The folders are as follows:

AA SA WORKSHOP MARCH 2017 TAPES: Recordings made in 2017 by AA members for members of SA in London.

ACIM: Documents containing the various texts comprising A Course in Miracles.

AUDIOBLOGS: A folder containing occasional audio recordings.

BLOG POSTS: MS Word versions of a large number of posts from this blog; this folder is not being updated with more recent blog posts.

FEAR PACK: A set of articles and materials about fear.

LOW SELF-WORTH PACK; A set of articles and materials about low self-worth.

LONDON SERVICE FILES: Files containing information about how to do service (specific to London/the UK)

MEETING FORMATS: Formats for AA meetings

PROGRAMME: This contains all of the files about how we have recovered. See this page for details: How we have recovered

PROGRAMME PACK FOR SPONSORS: This contains JUST the core files to be used by a sponsor in taking someone through the Steps.

RELAPSE PACK: This contains a set of files about how we might respond if someone we are trying to help relapses.

RESENTMENT PACK: A set of articles and materials about resentment.

SUNDRY WRITINGS: A set of sundry writings about or related to recovery or spirituality.

WORKSHOP PACKS: Compilations of readings produced for various workshops I have led.

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